What is an impression?

An impression, in the context of perfume, refers to a scent that closely resembles or is inspired by a well-known and often expensive designer fragrance. These impressions are carefully crafted to capture the essence and overall character of the original perfume.

While not an exact replica, a high-quality impression can be very similar in fragrance notes and overall aroma, providing a delightful and affordable alternative to the expensive designer fragrances.

Are you selling the real products?

SCNT offers high-quality perfume impressions inspired by popular designer niche fragrances. We do not sell original brand-name products but provide affordable options for customers to experience their favourite scents' essence without the hefty price tag. We comply with the Federal Trade Commission's policy on comparative advertising.

What type of bottle does it come in?

The packaging for our product features an elegantly designed bottle, which is carefully crafted with bamboo engravings. This distinctive bamboo-engraved bottle not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also symbolises the brand's commitment to eco-conscious practices. Furthermore, to enhance the user experience, the bottle is equipped with a steel rollerball tip. This design choice ensures a leak-free and mess-free application, providing convenience and reliability to our valued customers.

How do perfume oils and perfume differ ?

Perfume oils and perfumes differ in their lasting power and strength. Perfume oils are known to have a longer-lasting and more potent scent compared to perfumes, which contain alcohol that can break down the fragrance over time. This higher concentration of aromatic compounds in perfume oils allows their scent to linger on the skin for an extended period.

The concentration levels of aromatic compounds in various fragrance types are as follows:

Aftershave: 1 - 3% aromatic compounds

Eau de Cologne: 2 - 6% aromatic compounds

Eau de Toilette: 5 - 15% aromatic compounds

Eau de Parfum: 10 - 20% aromatic compounds

Perfume Oils: 15 - 30% aromatic compounds      

Consequently, when utilizing our perfume oils, their potency surpasses that of alcohol-based perfumes. A mere dab of perfume oil might possess the strength equivalent to three sprays of regular perfume. For those experiencing our products for the first time, it's advisable to start with the free sample included in every order or just a small dab and gradually find the ideal fragrance strength that suits you best.

What are the recommended steps for applying the perfume oil?

For instructions on how to apply the perfume oil, kindly refer to the "Applying your Perfume Oils" section.

What is the typical duration of one bottle's usage?

With regular daily application, a 10 ml roll-on bottle is expected to last for a minimum of 1-2 months, and it can potentially last even longer based on usage frequency.

What is the estimated delivery time for my order?

Orders will undergo processing within 1 to 3 business days. Please be aware that during sale promotions and major holiday periods, processing time may extend up to 10 business days. Business days exclude weekends and federal holidays. Processing commences on the following business day after you place your order (e.g., if you order on Friday, processing begins on Monday). 

Once your package is shipped, you will receive a tracking number. Please note that after shipment, the only location information we can provide is the same as what you can view on the carrier's website. 

For domestic orders, we utilise UPS for shipping, with transit time ranging from 1-5 business days depending on the shipping method and your location relative to our facility. International orders are shipped via DHL or USPS, with transit time spanning 3-20 business days.


Order Processing Time: 1 - 3 business days

Shipping Time (Canada & US ) : 3 - 5 business days

Shipping Time (International) : 7 - 21 business days

For further information about our shipping process, please refer to the Shipping & Delivery section.

Which payment methods are accepted? 

We gladly accept major credit cards.

What are the shipping costs for my order?

 Kindly refer to the Shipping Policy section.

Do your products align with vegan principles and are they cruelty-free?

In our products, you won't find any animal-derived ingredients, beeswax, or honey, and we strictly refrain from conducting animal testing.